Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Witches influences and events

This event is said to come from the Celtic day of the dead, and the Christian era. It was said that on the 31st of October the souls of the dead were out among, fairies, witches and demons. Because of this people often left offerings of food and drink out to keep the spirits and evil a bay. Now Halloween is a large event around the world where people dress up as witches, ghosts and demons and go from door to door to gather treats which closely resembles what people used to do in the past.
Bonfire night is also closely linked to Halloween, before guy forks the event was on a earlier date and used to scare of these evil spirits by having large fires, this is why this tradition has been carried forward and most present events have large fires and fireworks.

Website dedicated and themed around the pendle witch trials. http://www.visitlancashire.com/witches2012 The event has turned out to be quite a tourist attraction, people can come to learn about the famous trial and event, there are tours, walks. The local shops are even dedicated to the witches and there is even a brand of beer dedicated to the pendle witches. lots of information and goings on can be found here https://www.facebook.com/pendlewitchwalk?ref=tn_tnmn
There are also TV shows on the BBC about the story of the pendle witches.
Because of the pendle tourist attraction the event has helped bring in large amounts of money to the local community creating more jobs and opportunities, here is a quote from the BBC news, "These visitors help boost the local economy and bring in £78m a year, helping to support local jobs and services."

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